There have been many videos uploaded throughout the past couple of weeks showing the pure destruction and devastation in Mexico due to several earthquakes reaching record breaking numbers. I believe that a part of our support as teachers for our students in becoming knowledgeable about the history of their native country, knowing the culture and customs that they come from, and keeping up with what is currently happening there. Many may be confused as to why it is important to know about the current status of their native countries, but after a home visit with a local immigrant family here, I understand greatly the need. Many families coming here from other countries have had to leave their loved ones behind until the time and financial support is available. A family that I recently met with had to leave the father of the family back in Mexico until they could support his travels here to be with them. I am certain that the recent events in Mexico have this family very worried and upset about their loved ones back home. Here are some links to update you on the status of Mexico currently.