This week in EDU 587 we are researching the countries for our projects. My country is Mexico. In order to be well advised and well versed in my interview, I research Mexico and several different aspects of the culture that will be important for my interview. Some of the questions that I will be asking during the interview are: School Related: How and when their child was identifed as an English language learner – What language do they speak in home, how does the child respond, etc. • Their child’s level of English language proficiency -how do they feel about the child’s ability to communicate in English, what are some things that they wish they had more help in. Are they teaching all aspects of the native language in home.  • What type of language support service, or language program, has their child received- What worked, didn’t work, have they been to different states in which things worked differently? What are the educational goals that they have for their students? DO they feel like they can communicate openly and freely with the school system? Family Related: Do they have close relatives in the area? Are there family members that will be able to come here in the future. What brought them here, and is it a long term location? What friend networks do they have, how do they meet friends here? Community: Are there community activities they enjoy participating in? Do they feel connected to the community? What are some things that are difficult to accomplish in the community, are there some things that are easier?

When asking these questions, I want to know about the family and community life in their home country. Therefore I have looked up some information about Mexico, and posted the links below.

This site states that it is important to follow Heiarchal levels, so I need to know who is in charge are follow with a formal approach of speaking with that person. Women greet by patting the right shoulder, men shake hands until there is some familiarity. Always use the last name until told you may use their first. Arriving on time is considered rude, give a 15-30 minute window after the original time set. Bring flowers or candy as a gift. If bringing a flower as a gift to the family remember that Marigolds represent death and red is negative, so white is the best option. Considered uplifting.

If eating with the family, do not sit until they give you a spot, do not eat until the hostess starts to eat, keep hands visible on the table at all times, cross your utensils over your plate when you are finished, and it is polite to leave a little bit of food on your plate at the end.

This website has a plethora of information about the Mexican culture, and I feel much more prepared after reading up on these things. I wish that I had known a lot of this information when I made my first trip to Mexico years ago!!